Stores in Baghmara

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Baghmara is situated in the state of Meghalaya in India, and it is also bordered by the country of Bangladesh. According to the 2001 census, the population of Baghmara is 8,643 out of which 53% of the population is made up of males, and the rest 47% of the population is made up of females. Another good thing about Baghmara is that it has a literacy rate of 70% which is higher than the average literacy rate of the country India. Baghmara is very rich in biodiversity and has various places for tourists to visit. All this makes Baghmara a simple, quiet, but beautiful place for you and your family to visit for the holidays. The wildlife and the natural resources of Baghmara support the local handicraft industry in the region. The handicrafts made out of bamboo are very beautiful and famous as well. But, on the downside, very few people know about Baghmara and the local industry of Baghmara due to which the local craftsmen suffer a huge loss as they are unable to sell their products. Apart from the less awareness among the customers, the local handicraft industry is also suffering from high competition given by big e-commerce businesses. As these businesses have more resources, they get most of the potential customers and left a handful of buyers for the local craftsmen. We through the Fayda platform want to support these small businesses and craftsmen. So we are adding the local small shops on our Fayda platform and listing their products and services so the Fayda users can get to know about these shops and their amazing products. We are not only focused on providing benefits to local businesses, but we are also giving an opportunity to our users to earn from the app. Every time the user will shop through any Fayda-associated shop they get rewards in cryptocurrency through which they can avail of rewards and can also get discounts on their future shopping.

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