Stores in Azamgarh

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Azamgarh is a city situated in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. It is an old city and it is very beautifully preserved with its old-style infrastructure. Azamgarh is very famous for its locally made Banarasi sarees. The Banarasi sarees are manufactured in Azamgarh and are very rich in quality and very rich in colours as well. It is very easy to find beautiful saree at a very reasonable rate in Azamgarh. The industry of Banarasi sarees in Azamgarh employs many local manufacturers and supports their business. Irrespective of all these qualities, the local manufacturers and sellers of Azamgarh don't get enough earnings from their business. This is due to the high competition they are facing from the big MNCs that they are unable to compete with. As the MNCs have more resources than the small-scale sellers and manufacturers, they get most of the customers and leave a very small proportion of potential buyers to the small-scale offline merchants. The local sellers charge a lower price than the corporate giants and offer greater quality, but still, they don't get many customers. The customers are unaware of this situation and they end up paying higher prices for a lower quality product. The local merchants are suffering because of this and not only the merchants but the customers are also suffering because of this as they have to pay more money and get a product of comparatively bad quality. On our Fayda platform, we are adding local small-scale sellers to support their business and make the customers aware of the products and offers. Through the Fayda platform, the customers also get benefits as they get an opportunity to earn from the app, everytime they shop through Fayda associated shop they earn crypto rewards that they can use to get discounts in future purchases as well.

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