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We all need essential vitamins in our body to ensure its proper functioning. Vitamins can be taken from various sources like: -
If you want iron then you can consume fish, poultry, beans, and meat in your meals to ensure your body won't lack iron.
Then we can eat spinach, fortified cereals, sweet potatoes, and carrots for a sufficient intake of Vitamin A as it is very important for our immune system, vision, and reproduction as well.

We all have a busy life and we often feel lethargic and lack energy. That is because of the lack of vitamin B2 in our body. To ensure sufficient consumption of Vitamin B2 in your body you should consume Cereals, Milk, and bread products along with your meal.

Vitamin B7 is also an essential vitamin for our body as it helps our cells in making essential things like protein, fats, etc.

Vitamin C is one of the kid's favourite vitamins as it is taken from oranges, kiwis, strawberries, tomatoes, etc. It helps our cells against any type of damage, and also supports our immune system.

Vitamin D is very important for our bones, immune system, muscles and for the coordination between our brain and the rest of our body. We can ensure sufficient intake of Vitamin D in our body by including Fortified milk products, cereals, Fatty fish, and fish liver oils as well.

Including all these items in our meals daily is quite difficult and costly, but our body still needs sufficient vitamins for smooth functioning. In this situation, the supplements can help be a significant help. But it is very important to ensure that we take the right and genuine supplement as there are a lot of fake ones available in the market.

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