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The stationery includes small stuff like a pen, pencil, eraser, sharpener, and a few other things. Stationaries are often neglected but they are very useful in our daily life.
Stuff like paper and pen is the daily requirement of schools, colleges, and offices. Without stationery, even the big corporate companies won't be able to operate efficiently.

The stationary industry in India is worth around Rs. 4000 crore. However, in the current situation, the organised brands in the stationery industry are facing tough competition from the unorganised brands and they are also dominating the industry right now.

Some of the most selling stationery in India are: -

School stationery: -
All the stationery items that are used by the teachers and students like a notebook, rough copy, pen, and pencil are included in this category. Apart from that graph books, maps, gum, geometry box, and calculators are also included in the same category.

Computer stationery: -
computer stationery includes the items that insures the smooth functioning of the computer and its components. The most common example of computer stationery is printer ink, printing papers, printer cartridges, CDs, etc.

Office stationery:-
Office stationery also includes the general items that we use in our day to day life. Items like staplers, desk calendars, trays for papers, notepads, and sticky notes are the common items that are included in office stationery.

Stationeries are our day to day requirement and you often go to the same and trusted shop giving them repetitive opportunities to sell their items.
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