Stores in Sweets and Namkeen

In India, namkeen and sweets are very widely used. Our festivals are incomplete without tasty sweets and namkeens.
There are many traditional sweets made in India and these vary from place to place.

Nowadays there are sugar-free sweets and namkeens available in the market as a large number of the population in India are suffering from the sugar-related disease. So to let them enjoy the snacks as same as others, sugar-free sweets and namkeens are available in the market.

Namkeens come in a large variety of different types of tastes and preferences. The price range is also very wide for sweets and namkeens, but on our Fayda platform, we list the sellers who sell sweets and namkeen at the best prices in India.

As there are a large variety of sweets available in India, it is very difficult to decide which one is the best sweet in India. But laddoos are for sure one of the most popular sweets in India. Laddoo is made up of various ingredients and known by different names like "besan ke laddoo", "motichur ke laddoo", "Gond ke laddoo", etc.

Besan ke laddoo is made out of gram flour. To make besan laddoo you need to roast gram flour with ghee and add powdered sugar to make the pasty dough. And after that, all you need to do is make balls out of that dough and eat them.

The motichur laddoo is also made out of gram flour. the gram flour batter is fried in oil in order to make small balls called Bundi. Then the Bundi is mixed with sugar syrup and dry fruits and balls are made out of it which are called Bundi ke laddoo.

Gond ke laddoo is made up of edible gum, wheat flour, some dry fruits, and ghee for sure. First, the edible gum is melted and added with dry fruits. Then we need to roast the flour in ghee and mix the edible gum in it after roasting. Then make the balls out of it and the Gond ke laddoo is ready.

A lot of people like to order sweets and namkeens online, but on our Fayda platform, we promote local sellers as we know the real fun of sweets and namkeens is in trying different varieties in the shop before purchasing.
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