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Mobiles nowadays have so many functions that whatever we need to do can be done on our mobile devices.

A common man like you and I always keep our phones with us. Earlier we used to use our mobile phones only for calling but as we got smartphones in our hands, we do a lot of things other than calling as well.

Youngsters use their phones mostly for chatting these days. New apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube have a lot of content in them and we can consume all that with the help of our mobile phones.

We have plenty of mobile options to choose from as well, iPhones are very popular these days, apart from that Samsung mobiles are also a popular choice among Android users.

We like to get the latest phones in our hands and at the earliest, that is why we buy mobile online. But many times it happens that we get soap inside the box rather than a mobile phone.
A lot of times it also happens that we are unable to completely understand the device based on few images and some technical description on the online shopping sites & we end up buying the wrong mobile phone for ourself.

Our users were also facing the same issue, and we decided to find a solution. The solution was right in front of us and it is the local shops in our cities.
But we didn't know which seller gives the best after-sale service and who is offering the best possible price for the mobile in the market.
So we came up with the Fayda platform. On the Fayda platform, the local sellers are registered and the app user can see the product listed by the sellers and their prices, apart from that the users are also able to see their reviews so that they get to know how good the after-sales services are of the seller.

You can also be a fayda user and earn from the app in cryptocurrency, everytime you will shop through fayda you will get crypto coins by the name Fayda coins that you can use to get a discount on your future shopping.

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