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This page category "Others" includes all those products that are not fit for any other categories. Categories like event planners, flowers, rentals, etc. are included in this category.

On our Fayda platform, our vision is to add every small seller that is unable to sell his or her products due to increased competition and is affected by e-commerce websites. To do that we are adding shopowners from almost all the business categories.

Our category "Others" includes all those businesses that are important but not needed often like the nursery. Nursery is called to a place where you will find a variety of plants that are nurtured and grown to the desired size.
Nurseries usually don't deal with the plants required for agriculture but more with plants used for gardening, plants that are of high value for the biology conservation, and plants for forestry are also a part of Nurseries.

Apart from that, Rentals can also be included in this category. For example, if you have a car or bike that you don't use anymore and just lying in a corner of your house. So you can register that on our Fayda platform and give it for rent. In this way, your car or bike will become your asset and earn you some money instead of just lying in the corner.

We have 2 platforms, The first one is for sellers which are called "Fayda shop" in which the sellers can register their shop and we team Fayda will do marketing for them for free of cost. If a seller registers the shop on the Fayda platform now then he will get 1000 free crypto coins by the name Fayda coins that they can use to give rewards to their customers and retain them.

The second platform is called the "Fayda app", the Fayda app is for customers and shows all the stores that are near to a customer's location. While shopping from these stores the customers also get an opportunity to earn from the app in cryptocurrency. On every shopping with Fayda associated shop, they get cryptocurrency by the name Fayda coins that they can discount on their next shopping.

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