Stores in Labs and Diagnosis

When we don't feel well and go to a doctor, he or she prescribes us a number of tests in labs and diagnoses to better understand what is happening wrong inside our body.

Labs can be of different types, some of the most common types of laboratories are: -

Pathological laboratories: -
Pathological laboratories are the ones that you must have visited at least once in your lifetime. These labs diagnose the problem in the body of the patient and helps the doctor with the treatment.

Anatomic pathology: -
Anatomic pathology uses a sample of the patient's tissue and uses a high-powered microscope for the diagnosis.
Anatomic pathologies are also able to analyse the samples of cells, and anatomic pathologies are used for diagnosing cancer as well.

Clinical pathology: -
As the anatomic pathology uses a sample of tissue, the Clinical pathology uses fluids from the body to diagnose the disease. The fluids are diagnosed with the help of various chemical agents that help in obtaining the best results.

As we are now known for some common types of labs, let's take a look at various types of tests as well: -

Urine test: -
In a urine test, the urine of the patient is tested to examine excessive protein, red blood cells, white blood cells, traces of infection, etc. The urine test is very useful in identifying serious problems like kidney-related problems, and cardiovascular problems as well.

Blood test: -
Blood tests are mainly used to measure platelets, red blood cells, and white blood cells in a patient's body. The blood test is very useful in diagnosing diseases like anaemia and sickle-cell disease.

All these tests can charge you a lot of money and worse than that the reports you will get from the labs can be fake or useless.

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