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Everyone should work out for the betterment of their health as working out is better than going to doctors and taking treatment with costly medicines.
One can work out at various places like gyms, fitness centres, & health clubs.
If you are wondering what's the difference between a gym, a fitness centre, and a health club, then let us clear the confusion for you:  -

Gyms are places for an indoor workouts. In the gym, you can train your body with the help of various pieces of equipment like dumbells, weight plates, machines, ropes, treadmills, etc. In the gym, you can build your muscles by training with weights & you can also increase your stamina & lose weight with the help of treadmills by going to the cardio section. If you are new to the gym then there are trainers available to guide you with your workout and help you achieve your goals.

Fitness centres are usually bigger than a gym, they focus on the full-body workout and for that, they not only include a gym but also other facilities like a swimming pool, race track, golf course, etc. Apart from these, fitness centres include various other facilities also like spa, steam room, sauna bath, Zumba, etc.

The health club is somewhat similar to fitness centres, they also include a swimming pool, golf course, tennis court, & other amenities. The health club not only focuses on the wellness of physical health but also focuses on the wellness of mental health and that is why some fitness centres also include trainers for yoga, & meditation also. 

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