Stores in Grocery

Groceries include a wide range of products. All those items are useful and required for cooking purposes.
Groceries come in many forms, some of the most common forms are: -

Fresh produce: -
The best example of a fresh produce grocery is a bakery. We often eat baked rusks and cookies that we can buy freshly from our nearest bakery.

Meat, seafood, and dairy products: -
By the name you can understand that this type of bakery is related to meat and poultry items. A large percentage of the total population in India eats meat and almost everyone in India consumes dairy products. That is why groceries in this category are very high in demand.

Frozen Grocery: -
Frozen grocery mainly includes products like frozen peas, frozen fruits, etc. Frozen grocery enables us to consume a particular vegetable or fruit even in their offseason.

Canned and packed grocery items: -
Canned food is high in demand in many of the metro cities like Mumbai, and Bangalore where people are always in a race against the time and they prefer to eat canned food as it is easy to cook and get prepared in lesser time. The tetra packs are also popular among the youngsters, the tetra packs are mainly used to contain beverages like juice, lassi, cold drinks, etc. Tetra packs are so hassle-free that you can fit them in your pocket and consume them anywhere you want with or without a straw.

Usually, we shop for groceries every month, and how about if a shop gives you some amount back on your purchase and you can even get discounts from the same.
Yes, it is possible with the Fayda platform as when you will shop with a shop available on the Fayda platform you will get some Fayda coins in return which are a form of cryptocurrency.
The value of 1 coin is a minimum of 1 rupee and the maximum depends on the shop. You can, later on, use these coins to get an equal amount of discount on your next purchase with any shop that is listed on the Fayda platform.


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