Stores in Furniture

Furniture is a growing industry in India. The compound annual growth rate of the furniture industry in India is 13.37%, the value of the furniture industry in 2020 was 17.77 billion US dollars and it is expected to grow to 37.72 billion US dollars by the end of the 2026 year.
The reason behind this is that the furniture made in India is very unique and has great creative work. Indian furniture is very famous in the international market as well because of the handcrafted and traditional design carved on the wooden pieces of the furniture.
The Indian furniture industry is now not limited to just tables and chairs but is now expanded to types of furniture like sofas and wardrobes as well.

The manufacturers in India are very fortunate as India has a large variety of raw materials available in the country like Bamboo, Plastic, Metal, Cane, Wood, etc. Worldwide the pieces of furniture made out of wood are very famous and manufacturers are also capable of importing various types of wood from the outside as well.
Another reason for the growth of the industry is also that the people are so interested in furniture that they are ordering it offline and online as well. But it is seen that people are still preferring to shop offline for pieces of furniture over shopping online for the same.
They like to shop offline for the furniture because they can physically check the made of the furniture like wood, cushioning, fabric, etc. and the customization that is available with offline sellers keeps the people interested in buying offline.

Although there are many advantages to buying furniture offline, the online sellers are giving tough competition to the local sellers. As we support vocal for the local campaign we are adding trusted and verified sellers who are specialised in making furniture to our Fayda platform.
You can buy furniture from any of these sellers and you will get some cryptocurrency as Fayda coins in return.
You can use these Fayda coins to avail yourself of a discount on your next purchase with any seller available on the Fayda platform.

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