Stores in Financial Service

Financial services include a variety of services like management of money, investment of funds, financial advice, insurance, etc.

Some of the common characteristics of financial services are: -

They are customer-centric:-
Financial services are so customer focused that they only provide those services that their customer needs. Apart from that the entity providing financial services also stays in touch with its customers.

Intangibility: -
Financial services are intangible, which means they can not be seen or touched. As the financial services can not be seen or touched the brand image plays a very important as the customer will only be able to see the brand and based on the brand he has to take the decision.

The dominance of the human element:-
Selling a financial service is a very labour intensive work as the marketing of the services requires very skilful and competent personnel.

India's financial sector is made up of mainly 3 components, the first one is the capital market, then comes the insurance sector, and after that comes non-banking financial companies.

India's financial sector is growing with a growth rate of about 8.5% per annum. And it is stable due to the financial policy and monetary policies of India.

The financial sector has proved to be one of the fastest-growing sectors in the economy of India. The sector has also observed increased participation of the private sector which is helping with the expansion and growth of the industry.

For a common man like you and me, the financial industry is limited to insurance and banking. But it is a lot bigger than that and people like us can be benefitted from India's financial industry a lot.

Now as we know that we could be benefited from the financial industry, the next big question is "how?"

So to solve this question we have added certified and genuine financial experts to our Fayda platform.
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