Stores in Fashion

The fashion industry includes all those items that are wearable for an individual. Things like dresses, footwear, bracelets, necklaces, makeup, and some other wearable accessories are the main attraction of any type of fashion industry.
The products of the fashion industry are usually of short life span and their demand is very unpredictable and volatile. This industry is very much influenced by the ongoing trends because the taste and preferences of the customers changes according to the trend and as per the change they demand new fashion items and stop using the old ones.

The fashion industry offers a wide variety of products which generates a lot of scopes for the traders and also facilitates the customers with multiple options they can choose from.
Fashion also helps an individual to build his or her personality. If a person is well dressed then it leaves a very good impression about the person on others. It also puts a smile on our faces when we keep up with the latest trends and look fashionable and stylish.
When we dress up well our confidence level enhances and it affects our way of thinking and way of working very positively, that is why a well-dressed salesman always achieves the targets better.

Fashion is an art, and we know how powerful this art is. That is why we have added the most trusted shops on our Fayda platform that sells fashionable products and deals in every possible price range.
Fayda platform lets the shop owners list their product and their customers can see them along with their prices.
If the customers decide to purchase anything from the shop listed on Fayda then he or she gets Fayda coins which are cryptocurrency that they can earn from the app.
The value of 1 coin is a minimum of 1 rupee and the maximum depends on the shops. The customers can earn these coins through purchases, referrals, likes, comments, etc. and later on they can use the same coins to avail discount on their next purchase with any shop owner that is listed on the Fayda platform.

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