Stores in Education

The education industry is one of those industries that will never go out of business. Even in the middle of the Covid pandemic, the educational industry was working through online modes.
The educational sector mainly focuses on training new individuals and equipping them with the necessary knowledge to build a better career for themselves. The most active bodies in the education sector are schools, universities, colleges, and various coaching sectors as well.

One of the main markets that are highly contributing to the growth of the educational sector is the edtech market. The edtech market was valued at 750 million dollars in the year 2020 and is expected to grow to 4 billion dollars by 2025.

The Indian educational industry is broadly classified into 2 different categories like the first one is the formal education industry and the second one is the Informal education industry.

Formal education industry: -
The formal education industry mainly includes the bodies like elementary schools, secondary schools, colleges, coaching classes, and universities.
These bodies educate the individuals in a systematic and disciplined manner. Usually, the staff hired in these educational bodies are well trained and very well competent to teach their respective subjects.

Informal education industry: -
The informal education industry is not only related to the bookish knowledge but it includes a wide variety of teaching like cooking, learning to ride a bike or drive a car, yoga lessons, etc. The learner can get this education from anywhere like they can learn how to cook or how to drive a car from their parents, and they can also learn yoga lessons through various online websites and portals.

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