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The cafe industry is on the roll nowadays in India. In 2020 the number of cafes in India increased to 6,200 from 3,500 in 2017. And the cafe industry was valued at 125 billion Indian rupees in 2020.
Cafes are a broader concept of coffee shops, they not just only sell coffee or teas, but they serve a number of snacks as well.
Cafes are a great place for youngsters to chill and hang out with friends.

The unique selling proposition of cafes is their ambience and their menu. The cafe owners have to keep up with the latest trends among their target audience so that they can customize their interior and their menus as per the trends.
Cafes are a great place to fix a meeting or get some "me" time, all you need to do is figure out which is the best cafe nearby and you can have a couple of hours for yourself with good food and the lovely aroma of coffee and teas.

Opening a cafe sounds like a nice idea but it is not that easy. The cafe industry is highly competitive these days in India and you need to put a lot of effort to acquire customers for your cafe. For opening a cafe you need a good and quiet place, a good chef, and you will need a marketing team as well. In short to get your cafe successful you will need a team.
But all these efforts are worth it because the demand for cafes in India is very high. A lot of the time you look for a good coffee nearby or a good cafe nearby as google gets asked questions like "Coffee near me", "cafe near me", and "takeout coffee nearby" a lot.
And to solve that problem the cafe owners can list their cafes on the Fayda platform and the customers can find out which is the best cafe nearby through the Fayda app.
Going to a cafe through the Fayda app and making a transaction will earn the customers crypto coins as rewards by the name Fayda coins. They can use these Fayda coins to get a discount on their next purchase with any of the shops associated with the Fayda platform.

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