Stores in Beauty

With new products for skin cleansing, and skincare is getting introduced in the market, the beauty industry is growing rapidly in India. It is expected that the beauty and personal care industry of India will grow to 8 billion dollars.

The beauty industry in India is broadly categorized into 5 major categories:-

Body care products: -
Boody care products are mainly produced to maintain healthy hygiene for the body. Some of the most common examples of this category are body wash, deodorants, moisturizers, etc.

Face care: -
Face care products are particularly for face use only, they are used to keep healthy and clean skin on the face. Some of the most popular examples of this category are face wash, face masks, creams and moisturizers for the face, etc.

Haircare: -
Haircare products are used to keep your hair healthy and hygenic. These products are very common in the market and some examples of hair care products are shampoo, conditioner, oil, etc.

Colour cosmetics products: -
Color cosmetic products are applied to a particular part of the body to give it the desired colour or tone. Colour cosmetics are also very common and the examples of colour cosmetic products are Nailpolish, hair colour, makeup, etc.

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