Stores in Bakery

Bakeries are the shops that sell and make foods that are made out of flour and baked in an oven. Some bakeries are also called cafes as they sell backed products with beverages like coffee and tea.

There are various types of bakeries that you can encounter on the street, some of the most common types are: -

Bread shops: -
Bread shops are the bakeries that always have fresh bread available with them and apart from the bread they can also sell other products like cake, muffins, frozen bread, bread rolls, cookies, etc.

Retail bakery: -
Retail bakeries are very common, they have food showcased on the shelves and you can choose any of them that you wish to eat.

Cafe bakery: -
In a cafe bakery, the main item that they sell is caffeine beverages. Along with the caffeine beverages they also serve some snacks for quick bites like cookies, pastries, sandwiches, muffins, etc.

Wedding cakes: -
There are some bakeries whose speciality is wedding cakes. Wedding cakes are getting popular day by day as the bride and groom also like to customize their wedding cake. As the cakes are highly customizable the price of these cakes can differ as per the customization clients' wants.

I always like to try bakeries near me as I pass by them, but sometimes the bakeries near me don't have quality products, And it happens a lot more in case of cakes at the last moment of an event I have to look where can I get cakes near me and when I luckily find a cake shop near me the taste is not as expected.

With me, a lot of other people face the same problem. So we came up with the Fayda platform where we are registering those bakery and cake shop that sells quality products and has a nice ambience as well.
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