Stores in B2B

B2B businesses are business that deals with other businesses and not with individual customers. Some common examples of B2B business are the dealing between manufacturer and wholesaler, The dealing between wholesaler and retailer, etc.

Now as you know what are B2B businesses, let us tell you the different types of it: -

Manufacturers: -
Manufacturers are the companies that procure raw materials from other suppliers and with the help of these raw materials, they create a product that they sell with their name on it. Some famous manufacturers in India are Tata Motors, Force Motors, etc.

Resellers: -
Resellers are the business that sells already manufactured goods without making any changes in the materials of the product or the name of the product. Examples of resellers are Retailers, wholesalers, stockists, etc.

Government: -
The government also deals with B2B businesses. They try to support local makers a lot who make handcrafted products and are unable to sell them. The government buy their products at a reasonable price and later on sells the same products to the individual buyers.

Institutions: -
Various institute like hospitals, schools, colleges, etc. needs a lot of stuff to ensure their smooth functioning. These institute like colleges and schools works as a B2B dealer primarily for the wholesaler and retailers who deal in stationery products.

B2B businesses can be very profitable, but procuring customers in a B2B business is very difficult.
After a lot of research on B2B businesses, we identified challenges and obstacles that are faced by the small B2B dealers.
The common challenges we found out were procuring customers, marketing, and retaining the customers.
So we made a platform named "Fayda". On Fayda the shopowners can register their shops and the users can see all the shops available nearby. Through Fayda coins that are a part of the customer loyalty programme, the shopkeepers are also able to retain their customers.
To benefit our Fayda users as well, we give them an opportunity to earn from the app. They can earn crypto coins by the name Fayda coins on every shopping. And they can use the same Fayda coins to avail discounts for themselves on their next shopping.

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