Stores in Agro Input

India's economy is dependent on farming a large number of farmers suffer every year in India because their crops are not as good as they should be.
This is a major problem in India and it can be solved by agro-input products.
Agro input products come in biological, chemical, and inorganic compounds, and these products are effectively used for agriculture and other products related to agriculture as well.
Some of the agro-products that are widely used in India are: -

In-organic fertilizers: - 
In-organic fertilizers come in many forms like urea, urea-ammonium, ammonium phosphates, nitrate solutions, etc. In-organic fertilizers provide needed nutrients to the plants and come in exact doses from the manufacturers.

Pesticides: -
Pesticides are used for a large variety of problems like getting rid of weeds, preventing insects on crops, preventing bacterial infection on the crop, and some other major crop-related issues as well. Pesticides are made up of a large number of compounds like a variety of chemicals and natural compounds like plants, bacteria, insects, etc.

Bio-fertilizers: -
Bio-fertilizers helps crops to grow by various methods like helping the root biomass and root area to grow, supplying required nutrient to the crops, and a few other methods. Bio-fertilizers are usually made up of microorganisms that are alive and they are also very beneficial for the crops.

There are a large number of dealers dealing in agro products, but many of them are ineffective and sell fake products. So it is very important to make sure that the product you are buying is genuine and completely effective for the crops that you are growing.
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