Stores in Jewellery

Jewellery is a beautiful piece of accessory that people wear to compliment their attire and enhance their beauty.
Jewellery is worn by many people all around the globe and it is different according to place to place and the culture of the people. Some of the popular types of jewellery are: -

Antique Jewellery: - 
Antique jewellery is very rare and valuable to be used for daily purposes as antique jewellery is usually more than 100 years old.
These jewellery are abnormally expensive and it is very difficult to find one.

Bridal Jewellery: - 
As the name suggests these are the jewellery worn by brides on their wedding day. they also differ from culture to culture.
In south India, the jewellery that a bride wears includes a waist belt, toe rings, mangal mala, kasu mala, and many more.
Whereas in north India, the brides are usually seen wearing haar, kamar band, payal, jhumka, and many more.

Fashion jewellery: - 
Fashion jewellery is usually worn to wear a particular outfit. the concept of this jewellery is to look fashionable and cost less at the same time.
Fashion jewellery includes inexpensive accessories, junk jewellery, first copies, and fake jewellery.

Handmade jewellery: - 
India is a combination of different traditions and cultures. In the previous times, all the jewellery in India was handmade. Even today the skill of making jewellery by hand is passed on from father to son in family businesses. Handmade jewellery is more beautiful than machine-made jewellery because of the fine details carved by hand on the piece of gold.

Navratna jewellery: -
The word "Navratna" is made up of two different words, the first one is "Nava" which means 9 and "Ratna" which means gems in Sanskrit. In navratna jewellery, the nine gems represent nine different planets and it is said that the person who wears them in a particular order gets good luck.

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