Stores in Gift

A gift is usually an item that is given to a person on a special occasion without asking for anything in return.
The item that is to be gifted is usually wrapped in attractive packaging and contains the recipient's name on it.
In the past, gifts were given to a person on their birthday or anniversaries. But now there are multiple occasions on which an item can be gifted to someone. For example, on teddy day people likes to gift each other teddy bear as the name suggests "teddy day".
Sometimes it is very difficult to find appropriate items to gift to someone, especially when it comes to gifts for men, and birthday gifts for the husband. These 2 categories are very hard to find because there are very less items that come as a gift for men, and birthday gifts for husbands.

Whenever a situation like this arises, the shopkeepers can be a great help. They are in the gift industry for a long time and they know what is suitable for what age group and what is appropriate for a particular relationship.
The gift industry was valued at 119 million dollars in 2019 in India, and it is expected to grow to 159 million dollars by 2025.
The gift industry has shown fast growth in the past couple of years, this is because of introducing new types of gifts and not limiting the gifts to physical products only but including customized services into the gift as well.
It is possible that you will not be able to find a unique item to gift to your special person, so for that, you can do customization. You can go to your local gift shop and get a name or photo printed on an item.

We know about the emotions and values that can be associated with a gift and the happiness that comes because of the gift too.
So we have added shops on our Fayda platform that sells high-quality gift items. If you purchase from any of them then you will get cryptocurrency as a reward as Fayda coins. You can use these coins to get a discount on your next purchase with any shop on the Fayda platform so that you will also get happy while gifting to someone else.

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