Stores in Automobile

We all have a pair of cars and bikes in our home, we use them daily to get our things done. As we use them daily they have become an inseparable part of our life.
Some of us are so attached to the vehicles that we treat them and take care of them like family members.
As the automobile industry is growing day by day in India, we are getting to see new variants launched by famous carmakers like Hero motor corp, Yamaha, etc.

The SUV section is growing rapidly in India and Mahindra cars are dominating this section as of now, however, Tata cars are also doing quite good.
Indian citizens are buying Mahindra cars and Tata cars in quite a large number as they also want to promote the local car makers.
We get very deeply attached to our car or bike and always try to maintain it. Apart from that we also like to modify and customize them according to our personality.
But in today's world, it is very hard to find a good mechanic and a good customization shop as well. We really won't like to see our automobiles on the wrong hand for sure.
Whenever there is some maintenance work that comes up in our vehicle, we want it to be fixed in the best way and with minimal cost. But these days mechanics charge a very hefty amount even for minor work. So there is a need for a guide that can tell us which is the best mechanic for our vehicle's service and even for buying, and customization that will do the work well and charge a reasonable amount of money.

We were also facing the same problem, so we developed the Fayda app. In the Fayda app, we have registered trusted and genuine automobile shops which will give you quality service and products with reasonable charges.
You will also get an opportunity to earn from the app as if you will make any type of transaction with any Fayda associated shop then you will get rewards in cryptocurrency by the name of Fayda coin, and on your next shopping with Fayda associated shop you can get discount through your earned Fayda coins.

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