Tercuff Expectorant

Tercuff Expectorant

₹65 / ₹65
Tercuff Expectorant

Salt- Terpin Hydrate (5mg/5ml) + Chlorpheniramine Maleate (2mg/5ml) + Ammonium Chloride (100mg/5ml) + Sodium Citrate (100mg/5ml),

Manufacturer- Dwarkesh Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd

Prescription- Prescription Required

Type of Sell- 100 ml in 1 bottle

Uses-Cough with mucus,Allergic conditions,Cough with mucus,Respiratory tract disorders associated with viscid mucus,

How to Use-

Side Effects- Vomiting,Nausea,Skin rash,Allergic reaction,Slow heart rate,Confusion,Dizziness,Drowsiness,Breathlessness,Upper abdominal pain,Loss of appetite,Mood changes,Rash,Dryness in mouth,Sleepiness,Drowsiness,Loss of appetite,Nausea,Facial swelling,Allergic reaction,Difficulty in swallowing,Feeling sick,Nausea,Stomach pain,Breathlessness,Throat disorder,No common side effects seen,

Alternate Medicines-

Chemical Class- Not Listed

Habit Forming- No

Therapeutic Class- RESPIRATORY

Action Class Not Listed