Most effective tools of Digital Marketing

Most effective tools of Digital Marketing

Putting up a little website with your business, address and other details doesn't make a small business to have an online presence.Having an online present and digital marketing is much more than having just a website, business needs to have a virtual version of business with the welcoming, informative website, multi platform content and connect. In this electronic and digital era most people search online for the products and services before buying.


In this digital Era almost everybody has their accounts on social media and they use these platforms for research, every time before they make a purchase decision. Hence for business to be visible to its prospects, targets and customers it is important to have the presence on all the social media platforms apart from the website.


With the change in time, technology and innovation, innovation has come in the digital marketing industry as well. Earlier, where there were fewer tools limited to websites and social media, now there are multiple tools which a business can use for digital marketing and creating their online presence and usage of these tools depend upon the cost, budget, reach and capability of the business to handle these digital marketing handles.


Having online presence includes presence of business, customers and the internet.Here internet, means the search engine and social media algorithms and hence to play these algorithms and to take its advantage there are multiple options available to be used for the benefit of business.


Tools for Effective Digital Marketing 


1.Have an attractive website- 

A business is halfway there, when they create an attractive website.These days consumers expectations are quite high, to the point where consumers do judge a company's credibility and it performance on the basis of how it looks on the internet. For this purpose many businesses do hire professionals for their website building and to give their customers a glitchless experience of their website.

Having a website has many advantages but making a website and maintaining it is not an easy task, and specially it becomes tough for local and small businesses to make and maintain their websites.


2.Blogs with targeting keywords-

The Internet is full of businesses, and to create an meaningful online presence of one business it takes real efforts. The core page of the business or social media handle of a business may not contain the keywords or the words with which the customers do connect and search and hence they must have blogs with targeting keywords. As on the Internet the available space is really less and the goal is to provide all necessary information even in this little space. 

Blogs bring 55% more visitors on the website of business than the business do and, Hence these blogs must be optimised in such a way that the ranking for these keywords help in generating organic traffic and it is convenient for the customers to search about the business or the content being provided by the business and reach the business.


3.Performing Search engine optimization-

Search engine optimization is one of the easiest way and a free method to get on the first page of Google.As google is the Hallmark of online presence and being present on google ultimately builds business stronger. But many small businesses do not invest in SEO due to lack of knowledge and budget for marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation helps to create online presence as they are tried and true practice for generating traffic, quality creation and targeting keywords. It helps businesses to stay on top of the search engine and increase the reach of the business by means of internet and internet searches.


4.Having limited number but effective social media handles-

It is a tough task to maintain multiple social media handles. Hence businesses must have a limited number of social media handles that they can easily manage. Online presence is about quality, and not quantity. Businesses must use the platforms that are mostly and actively used by their prospects and target audience.

Efficiency of using social media comes when the number of platforms being used are limited and the content there is quality content. Quality content is that which brings solid engagement and makes the business have better relations with its prospects, targets and customers.

Choosing a correct social media handle is one of toughest  tasks which every business faces as on different social media platforms there is different kind of traffic and hence the business must choose their social media platform according to their target customer.

A business can go places, if it makes the right choice of social media platform and uses quality and informational content there. 


5.Sparking emotional connect-

A quality content is that which not only provides the information but also compels the viewer and audience to share it with others. Using emotional words and phrases in captions or stories do provide an impactful message and create emotional connect between the business and audience and hence it increases the engagement, improves social media algorithms. 

Establishment of emotional connect brings improvement in reach, engagement and connection with customers, resulting in improved sales and revenue as these customers form a chain and bring more customers through referrals resulting in growth of market size and business.


6. Having strong review strategy-

According to research 38% of customers still go through reviews before going to buy a product. Perhaps it is one of the most powerful influences over how purchase decisions are made, merely providing review worthy services will not work and hence the business must be protective with their strategy to get reviews.

For getting the reviews, the business must have a proper way to ask for reviews, it may include a feedback system for a review, rewards in return for the review or requesting customers to review the business.


7.Maintaining and Monitoring business' listing.

With thousands of options available, the business must put up its information in such a way that it is easy to maintain and monitor business listing and products available with the business. 

Clarity in the listing is a must because it provides convenience for the customers to find the details about business.

Businesses must maintain their listing of products and details and keep them up to date, as consumers lose their credibility in the business if the details provided are outdated.


8.Effective and Attractive advertisement-

One of the best ways to grow on social media and digital marketing is to use advertisements. Advertisements include social advertisement, display advertisements, video advertisements, pictures and content advertisements. Advertisements have stronger targeting capabilities and have more creative freedom along with leverage of providing demonstration effects and virtual trials. 

Newest innovation in the advertisement industry is the advertisement such as popups, media advertisements, banner advertisements, gaming advertisements all of these are attractive and usually compel customers and prospects to click on the advertisement and engage with the business.


9.E-mail Marketing-

One of the most efficient tools available in digital marketing is email marketing.It can be done in tiers, in which different kinds of email with different content is sent as per segmentation on basis of relation with business i.e. prospects, targets or customers for creating engagement depending upon their relation with the business.

E-mails create a direct relationship between the customer and the business as it can be personalised E-mails or generalised Emails as per segments.

Email marketing is cost effective as it incurs lower cost when compared to other forms of marketing and is done for the masses resulting in cost efficiency.


10. Monetizing the power of video advertisement and messages-

According to research, videos generate 1200% more shares than text and image contents.

95% of messages are retained by viewers when they watch a video as compared to 10% retention when they read text.

These qualities make video advertisement and especially social video advertisements, the most powerful way to convey the message and create a connection with the audience.


11.Encouraging employees to share content-

Network building can be exponential if done in the right way. Hence to increase the reach and network of the business, they must encourage its employees to share the business content with their networks and on their social media platforms.This helps business in taking advantage of the network of employees. Which in turn results in exponential growth in the reach of business.

The employees can be encouraged by leveraging good behaviour towards employees, giving them a good working environment, rewards and motivating them and letting them play a part in building the reputation of the business on the Internet.


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