Do you have thousands of followers on social media and urge to grow as an influencer?

Do you have thousands of followers on social media and urge to grow as an influencer?

Well in the present scenario becoming an influencer is a passion for so many youngsters or even people of age group of 60. But making this happen in reality and matching up with the expectations of collaborators is not a walk in the park by any means!

Earning as an influencer is primarily income generated by collaborating with the brands.

Why not think more ways to earn as an influencer, by reviewing a brand once and earn lifetime recurring income.

Become a Fayda Influencer and earn lifetime. No boundations of specific earning sources or waiting for collaborators to make a deal with you.

Fayda Influencers earn money in a multitude of ways.

But how can you do that?

Follow a simple step to earn lifetime as a Fayda influencer.

  • Promote and review Fayda App.

The only thing you need to do is promote our app and register with the app once. By doing this you can earn lifetime. Let us go ahead by understanding how you can earn?

  1. Register as a user.

The very first step is to become a Fayda user. Simply Register with your mobile no. and start your Fayda journey.


  1. Promote Fayda App with your referral link.

When you promote Fayda app and review the app for your followers use your Fayda referral link in your caption and profile to share more.

By doing this whenever any of your followers register on Fayda App using your link they become a part of your Fayda network. Now any activity done by them under you gives you incentives.

Activities like, referring, purchasing, sharing etc.


  1. Incentives on every purchase by members under you 

When Fayda users register with your referral link purchase on Fayda App whether online (Prime Shop) or by local area market (Fayda Franchise) you get commission and incentives on each purchase. 


  1. Direct bonus on prime referral under you

When your Fayda network goes on increasing and you have multiple referrals under you in each Fayda level you can earn when they share the app.

  1. Earn Fayda coins on every referral & redeem on shopping

Whenever any of your followers use your referral link to register with the app you get Fayda Coins to redeem on shopping. Save huge and shop with Fayda App.


  1. Advertise as an influencer on Fayda App

Use Fayda coins to let business know you are ready to collab with them.

Without actually paying for promotion you’ll get advertised on Fayda App.

On Fayda app we have 500+ business who are ready to deal with you and sign you as their brand Influencer.


  1. Trade your Fayda Coins.

You can trade your Fayda Coins for money to anyone who is looking to advertise.

They can use the Fayda Coins to advertise on the Fayda app to get more sales.


So influencers, what are you waiting for….. Doesn't matter if you are a well established influencer or just have started. Become a Fayda influencer and earn recurring income for lifetime also get reached by Brands listed on Fayda App.


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