Are you going on the right path to catch your potential customers?

Are you going on the right path to catch your potential customers?

Are you going on the right path to catch your potential customers?

Are you on the right track to achieve your sales revenue?

Have you ever self-analysed these questions for your business?

We have stated and quoted many questions in your brain right, again a question to you but now 


let's move towards getting the answers to these questions.

Stretch your brain cells to get the answers to these questions.

Or take our help, we have the answers to these questions in this blog.


In this blog, you will get to know how the Fayda app is the right track or path for your business to achieve new growth success and increased revenue.


Listing your business on Fayda App is a boon for you.

With the user-friendly interface of Fayda app you can list your business, add your product and offers in just a few minutes and also you can share your Store via WhatsApp directly from Fayda app.


Expanding your business with an online presence will never be so easy and inexpensive.

Fayda App is a social platform for businesses to get themselves registered and reach 10,000 + Fayda App users. 


Quickly move towards the advantages of listing business on Fayda App.

  1. Enable super easy access to online presence

Going online with the Fayda platform is the easiest way. In a few simple steps, you can bring your business online.

It's only a minute task to list your business on Fayda, simply register with your mobile number, go to the business section, fill in the business details and you are all set to start selling from the app.


  1. Reach more customers

With Fayda App you get reached by customers themselves. That means now there is no need to search for customers or door to door selling to catch your customers you can easily grab your customers on Fayda App and offer them your great deals or discounts.


  1. Get your micro-website

By listing your business on Fayda App you get a micro-website for your business that is totally shareable to other channels like WhatsApp. Isn't it amazing that you will get a micro-website without actually paying for it and also you can share with your customers or connections.


  1. Increase brand visibility 

With 10,000+ Fayda app users across the whole India you will get your brand visibility increased. 

In Every city every state of India now your brand will be visible and this will enable a good brand awareness programme for you. Wow! You can increase your brand visibility and awareness at the time on a single platform.


  1. Get more sales

Every Fayda user is a potential customer for you. By offering them your services and products at the most reasonable price along with Fayda Coin discount you can easily achieve your sales target and get more sales.


  1. Get traffic to your website 

Publishing your advertisements or posting your products on Fayda timeline will lead you to genuine web traffic as we’ll redirect every user to your website.

So you are getting lead generation and traffic both just by listing your business on Fayda App.

  1. Save advertisement expenses.

We have come up with a new and unique advertising platform that is advertising  on Fayda Timeline to get lead generation, web traffic, customer data or many more. You can advertise on Fayda timeline with Fayda coins and get your brand placed.

Fayda app is saving your advertisement expenses as you can advertise with Fayda Coins.

It's time for you to analyse your business on the basis of above mentioned advantages of Fayda App whether your business is going on the right track or not. If you need to know more and want more details to get in touch with us.


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